Why ride with West Coast Trailbike Safaris?

We have been a Licensed Commercial Tour Operator with the Dept of Environment & Conservation since 1997, enabling us to operate our tours on officially authorised trails. This means you can ride in comfort knowing you are not jeopardising the sustainability and future of the sport we love.

WCTBS has exclusive access to some remarkable private properties, allowing us to minimise road sections and create a trail network to impress.

Our guides and sweep riders:


Carry the latest in Handheld Satellite Communication and GPS in case of break downs and emergencies, so you can be assured of the fastest response time should it be required.


Know the areas we ride extensively, selecting trails to suit the ability of the tour group, ensuring a flowing tour is achieved while identifying potential hazards to reduce the risk of injury to participants while covering up to 240kms per day.


Are first aid trained, with expert mechanical knowledge and can fix a flat with their eyes closed.

Our support vehicle and trailer are also equipped with the latest Satellite Communication equipment, so it can respond quickly in the event of an injury or breakdown, and carries loads of spares, even a spare bike should it be required!

WCTBS promotes responsible off-road riding techniques by respecting our environment, land owners and everyone else using the precious trails of the south west region so they may remain open into the future.