Your Bike

All tours involve riding on public roads, so all bikes need to be fully road registered and ridden by licenced riders. Please note that ‘Class B’ or conditional registration is not permitted.
There are no exceptions to this policy;
if you are not able to demonstrate that your bike is fully road registered
you will not be permitted to join the tour.

Bikes must be:

  • Fully road-registered in WA
  • Silenced
  • In A1 mechanical condition
  • Have new or good off-road tyres
  • A visible number plate
  • Some form of hand guards
  • Full of fuel on the first morning

Please ensure that your bike is in good mechanical condition.

Neither you nor your riding buddies want their ride spoilt by a breakdown. Sometimes things go wrong, but we can prevent many problems just by making sure that everything is working properly before the ride.

For the sake of the tour our tour leaders have the right to refuse participation on a ride to anyone whose bike is considered potentially unreliable. Their say on this is final, so please check your bike thoroughly and repair any defects before you bring it down.

If you are coming on the “Hills and Thrills” or “Extreme” tours, you will need to have tyres in good condition.

Don’t rock up the day with bald hoops, or your mates are gonna be laughing at you all weekend!

We do not currently have hire bikes available, so you will need to bring your own.