Our Riders Say

We get great feedback from people who come on our rides. Here’s just a sample of recent comments:

“Firstly, thank you for your hospitality, facilities and excellent coaching over this past weekend with the big bike coaching. We overcame some significant fears (the first big hill climb for me was the scariest and most brilliant one to complete) and having people there to assist with the inevitable spills was very comforting and nowhere near as demoralising as when it happens with just the two of us to pick each other up and ride on.
We were exhausted after the first day and happy to hit the sack by 9.30pm… All in all we rode just over 700kms over the weekend and were glad to get home, completely delighted with the trip. We both gained a high level of appreciation for what these amazing machines could do, and with us riding them!
Your tuition and confidence building training program saw us doing things we simply wouldn’t have considered attempting, let alone conquering. We will most likely do the course again next year, and would be VERY keen to hear of any organised weekender trail rides that take in the awesomeness of the Sunday trails we did.”

“Thank you very much for the tour on Saturday. It was a fantastic route with excellent scenery and good riding conditions. The KTM 250 “Excellent Fun” (thanks Helen for the new name) was a treat and despite wanting to go and buy one, I must remind myself that time does not permit and that I am better to join in with you once or twice a year. It is a cheaper and easier option and also has the additional benefits of joining in with a good crew and learning a few new tricks and routes in our beloved southwest.
You both have put a lot of work into the tours, in track finding, preparation and maintenance of the bikes and gear, the cleaning down after and the many phone calls and emails to get the ride happening. I was convinced by the end of the day (especially when handing in my dirty bike and gear) that love rather than money must be your greatest motivation.
I have spoken about your tours with many envious friends since Saturday (and before) so I hope to have a few mates along next time”
Mick & The Boys!!

“Thanks heaps for the great weekend mate! The whole service was just fantastic & out of the ordinary in this day & age. Chris was more than ecstatic with his treatment & service. Elsewhere he would have been told stiff! Thanks for the great tour, the feed & the courtesy you & your crew showed us. Could have done without the after tour pains but!!
Best Wishes”

“Hi there, just a quick note to say thanks for the best weekend. All the guys and I can’t stop raving on about it. Everything was perfect, except for the amount of farts by Graeme and Sam in the car on the way back home. But it was well worth the bad air for the experience we had.
So the boys and I are trying to organise time for another trip soon. We wish you the best and hope that all goes well with the dealer ride, and your business is a success as I’m sure it will be. It was the best experience money can buy.”

“I wanted to tell you what a fantastic time I had riding with you! I will never forget those 2 days as long as I live. I’m going to tell the fellas back home, but they wont believe me. I’ve never enjoyed myself so much on a motorbike before, I didn’t know it was possible. So thank you.
P.S. real sorry about breaking your bike”

“That was the bestest, most awsomest F&%*ing ride I’ve ever been on and we’ll be back again real soon”

“thanks for the top ride. We are all very satisfied customers!!!!!!!!”