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Riding Park Harvest Update

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Well harvest has started and we are waiting in limbo to find out what the future holds for us at the Park.

One things guaranteed, it will stay as a tree farm so it isn’t all bad news. Our MX track, Pee Wee track and campground will remain untouched, as we can purchase the trees to keep the harvesters away, but no price has been determined for us as yet. We are hoping to extend this to the front gate and include the Kids loop and Mini trail, but that all depends on negotiations with the Tree Company and the land owner.

One thing we need to keep in mind is that the Riding Park wouldn’t exist if the property wasn’t a tree farm, and the trees were always going to go, its just a shame its two years earlier than we expected. We know we have a great future ahead, with the popularity of the Park at an all-time high this year, and we are determined to make the Park bigger and better into the future. The clearing of the trees opens up new options for varied and better flowing trails in the plantation sections, while the open trails will remain the same, just with views until the trees come back!

With lease negotiations underway, we are hoping our future is known in the coming months, with the property being looked at by a number of different companies, one being FPC who are looking at planting pines. This would mean a long term lease and selective harvesting rather than the whole lot at once, so we believe this would be a great solution, and the dirt will be nice and loamy too!

So we are remaining positive and looking forward to knowing what the future holds for us, and well keep you posted as it all unfolds!

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